GATE60 , a purpose built physical calculator for all competitive examination especially GATE, IIT- JAM, RRB JE, BARC, CAT .....etc

Why GATE60 Physical Calculator?

80% questions in GATE exam are numericals

More numericals means more calculations...practice with gate60 calculator optimizes your exam time.

Benefits of GATE60 calculator

Saves 30% of calculation time

with enhanced adaptability and reduced no. of steps to calculate

Improves speed and accuracy

with five dedicated memory functions you can your exam preparation speed by 10 times.

Input sequence simplified

Input sequence in GATE60 is similar to GATE virtual calculator which is different from conventional scientific calculators.

Stand alone keys

Every function has seperate key to solve complex equations with ease.

To adapt is to move ahead.

Stop searching, start solving

Gate60 speeds up in adapting to the final exam interface, so you can focus on the actual problem solving rather than searching for input keys at final exam.

Your Preparation experience, reimagined

Practice effectively with Gate60.

long term or short term preparation, your sessions can now be more effective with a physical calculator at reach that functions same as virtual calculator.

Purpose-built for Preparation

Distraction Free

With no interruptions from email, text messages, or social media, you can lose yourself in the preparation.

Class room experience redefined

Offline classes

Stop worrying about using calculator apps in the classroom… use Gate60 calculator to ace up the race…

Online classes

No more switching between apps… Hassle free practice with Gate60 calculator

Only 18% qualify in GATE Exam,

Enhance your score with GATE60 Calculator